Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann Wyss

We currently watched the 1970's movie of the Swiss Family Robinson in which my 6yo & 11yo loved! Much action an adventure about a family stranded on a deserted island. This all-time classic was a hit. The movie opened up many discussions from, self-sufficiency to animal rights to design/architecture to geography. My son was so enthralled he has taken on the task to now read the 470 page book which doesn't daunt him at all.
So far he gives it one thumb down and one thumb up because of the extended detail it gives. He finds it boring in spots. An interesting observation from a new generation of readers.

Good for 11 years and older.

The Lighthouse Family: The Eagle by Cynthia Rylant

This was a lovely, simple read. An unlikely family consisting of a cat, a dog & three baby mice who all found each and created their own family. The young mice find adventure and make new friends!

My 6yo loved it and we were thrilled to find out there are two more books by this author, in which the adventures continue.

We gave this book two thumbs up.
A great read for kidlets 4 years and older.