About Me

I was never much of a reader as a kid. You could find me somewhere in the middle of a song on the piano, choreographing one of my newest dance routines to ABBA, fishing with my Dad or blazing new trails in the hills behind our house. The thrill of the story & it's words never spoke to me until my college years when I was required to read The Stone Angel by Margaret Lawrence.  I was entranced.  For some reason the sadness of the story spoke to me. I wanted more, so I proceeded to digest every one of her books. I realized then what I had been missing all my life. I found new stories and ones not so sad, ones so funny I thought I would die laughing and others so mysterious I couldn't put it down. The thrill of someone's words sent me on journeys unimaginable. It was the same feeling I had when I made music. Pure love.

When my first son was born it was apparent the words spoke to him from the time he could crawl to the book shelf and shove the book in my lap.....moooreeee (more).....he would say. We re-read books so many times, friends and family were sure he was a genius "reading at such a young age!" when he would finish sentences for them, purely from having read them over & over & over. My second son was surrounded by books instantly the day he was born.

You could say books are a presence in our life like eating or sleeping. Their brilliance woven into our souls. I kept lists of books over the years of our favorites and decided it was time to share our collection with others. I hope you and your children will find as much joy and adventure in these stories as we did! Enjoy my friends!